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Logo for CJMH Group, Inc. d/b/a Catalina Connect. The first medical cannabis delivery service located on Santa Catalina Island in Avalon, California.

Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Catalina Connect is a Medical Cannabis Delivery Service that is here to service the Catalina Island Community. 

Catalina Connect is not solely here to provide for its Members, but is also here to contribute to the whole community that it serves.

We are focused on providing easy, safe, and discreet access to your medicinal needs.

Please become a member of Catalina Connect to enjoy the full benefits that we offer.

To Become a Member:

-Must be at least 18 years of age
-Email your legal resident of California ID
-Email us your Original Recommendation Letter from a Licensed Doctor and Valid California ID to apply

-Email documents to:
-All Physician Recommendations will be verified. Our Compassionate Care is distributed only in accordance with California Laws.
-Simply review and complete your E-Membership Document after you have been verified

What's New

Catalina Connect provides a demanding service to the Catalina Island Community. 

Must be a Member to enjoy the service, but the whole community will benefit from Catalina Connect's contributions.

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Catalina Connect

Catalina Connect is here to serve the local community.


Easy and Safe access to Medical Cannabis is now available!

You have Choices...

Check Out what Catalina Connect has to offer

Catalina Connect's got you covered!

We are proud to offer a Full Selection of Top Quality Products.

Our Members Come First!

Our entire team is here to help you... from our dispatcher to our drivers, we want to know your concerns and how we may relieve your ailments.

Take the natural approach with our Medicinal Cannabis to calm your anxiety, relieve stress, regain your appetite, and get some much needed sleep. We can also help you alleviate pain, reduce muscle cramps, or stop spasms. Choose from a wide selection on our menu.

We will always make sure that every member is satisfied to our best ability and provide the best care possible.

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Catalina Connect

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