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Catalina Connect is here to serve the Avalon community.

Easy, Safe, and Discreet access to Medical Cannabis is now available for delivery on Catalina Island!

Catalina Connect's got you covered!

We are proud to offer a  Full Selection of Top Quality Products.

Our Members Come First!

Our entire team is here to help you... from our dispatcher to our drivers, we want to know your concerns and how we may relieve your ailments.

Take the natural approach with our Medicinal Cannabis to calm your anxiety, relieve stress, regain your appetite, and get some much needed sleep. We can also help you alleviate pain, reduce muscle cramps, or stop spasms. Choose from a wide selection on our menu.

We will always make sure that every member is satisfied to our best ability and provide the best care possible.

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Catalina Connect offers Quality Products, with Member’s being our Top Priority.

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